Welcome to Smoky Lake

The town is most recognized as the home of the annual Great White North Pumpkin Fair. This combined with the Smoky Lake Rodeo and other events throughout the year makes the town a must visit. Residents and visitors enjoy a state of the art Golf Club, a Spray Park for the kids a curling rink and even the Complex Ice Arena. With many restaurants, hotels, hardware store, Alberta Registries and even a fully equipped Hospital . The town offers most of the services of the city without the line ups and traffic.

With several Boreal Forest campsites within a 15 minute drive of the town, many are choosing the Smoky Lake region for their weekend activities.


Town of Smoky Lake FIRE BAN!!
Due to extreme fire hazard conditions the Town of Smoky Lake has upgraded the existing fire advisory to a fire ban effective May 16th, 2018. This ban will remain in effect until further notice.
The Fire Ban means there are absolutely no outdoor fires permitted including, but not limited to:
• Camp fires
• Open fires
• Brush piles
• Burning barrels
The discharge of fireworks is also prohibited during this ban. No new fire permits will be issued during the period of the ban and all previously issued permits remain cancelled.
Gas fueled barbecues with lids and liquid fueled camping stoves will be allowed.
A person who sets a fire during this ban may be prosecuted and will be responsible for the costs of extinguishing the fire pursuant to the Town of Smoky Lake Fire Protection Bylaw #736-98.
For further information please contact the Town of Smoky Lake 780-656-3674