Click this Image for Official Letter to Residents for 2018 Capital Projects

Town Council and Administration have been working diligently on a Ten-Year Capital Project Plan for the Town of Smoky Lake. Aging infrastructure is a major concern for service delivery and needs to be addressed accordingly. Currently, there are four approved Capital Projects for 2018 with construction scheduled to begin June 4, 2018. The projects are anticipated to take three – four weeks, weather permitting.
The construction contract has been awarded to Nikiforuk Construction Ltd. to complete the projects that were approved by Council. The four projects include:
1. 52 Avenue Water and Sewer Line Replacement – Access to the Bar-V-Nook Lodge will always be accessible either from West Railway Drive or 46 Street.
2. 52 Avenue Surface Works Improvements – Once the water and sewer lines are completed, the road will be brought back to standard.
3. Water Main Looping West Railway Drive – Extension of water line from 52 Avenue along West Railway Drive.
4. Toporoutz Road Ditch Drainage – A ditch will be constructed to make ground water flow on the north side of the road.
The Town of Smoky Lake and Nikiforuk Construction Ltd. apologize for any inconvenience. In addition, the Town of Smoky Lake requests that everyone adhere to all construction signs. Thank you for your patience.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Town Office at (780) 656-3674.

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