Within the Town of Smoky Lake, elementary and secondary education is offered at H.A. Kostash School, administered by the Aspen View Public Schools, Regional Division #19. At present, no post-secondary education services are provided within the Town of Smoky Lake. 

The following chart details the level of educational attainment in the Town, providing insight into the type of workforce present in the region.

Highest Level of Education for Population Aged 15+
N %
No certificate; diploma or degree 280 34.8%
High school certificate or equivalent 230 28.6%
Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma 110 13.7%
College, CEGEP, or other non-university certificate or diploma 120 14.9%
University certificate or diploma below the bachelor level 10 1.2%
University certificate; diploma or degree 55 6.8%
Total number of residents aged 15+ 805 100%
Source: Statistics Canada 2006 Census

Over a third (36.6%) of the Town’s residents over the age of 15 have some form of post-secondary education. The majority of this group supplemented their education with an apprenticeship, trades certificate or college diploma.