Smoky Lake Broadband

The Town of Smoky Lake has partnered with VM Systems to investigate the potential of building and operating a municipal broadband Internet service.

The vision of this endeavor is to provide more options with competitive speeds and pricing for broadband Internet service in the town. We feel there are multiple benefits of this project to the community. The two primary benefits are that we can provide faster speeds than currently offered and more money spent on municipal broadband stays local, contributing to the tax base instead of leaving the community to a corporate office somewhere else.

There has been much discussion about similar projects across North America and we feel that approaching this with the proposed system which is primarily fixed wireless has many benefits. The most significant of these benefits is that the lower upfront costs allow us to use significantly less public money than if a fiber optic roll out was planned while providing competitive services.

We have provided a breakdown of proposed pricing on the following page and how it compares to other services currently available within the town of Smoky Lake.

What we are looking for is a commitment from businesses and residents to this project in order for us to assess the appetite in our community. Our goal is to “pre sell” 50 accounts. This would allow us to move forward with confidence that we can build and maintain this service for the benefit of the community.

We ask that you go to the following page on our web site: and fill out the form expressing your interest.

Questions can be sent via email.

We appreciate your time and look forward to your interest in this project.


Arthur Beaudette
General Manager - VM Systems

Competitive Breakdown for Internet in Rural Alberta Town