Residential refers to that area of the Town currently used for predominantly residential purposes. Residential also refers to that area to be developed for predominantly low density housing, and some medium and high density housing in selected locations at a scale and density compatible with the neighbourhood.

Commercial refers to that area containing commercial uses and compatible office, residential, institutional and recreational uses. The Commercial area includes that area surrounding the downtown core containing vacant lots, older single family residences and non-conforming uses, which may be suitable to accommodate downtown expansion on a limited and site specific basis.

Compatible highway commercial uses that would benefit from exposure along highway areas and that are visually attractive in appearance could also be considered within this area. Compatible recreational, park and institutional uses that cannot be reasonably accommodated elsewhere in the community may also be considered.

Industrial refers to existing and future industrial development that does not:

(a) consume a large volume of water or produce high quantities of effluent or waste;
(b) discharge toxic or noxious by-products into the air or groundwater system; or
(c) adversely impact adjacent properties through extreme noise, traffic or emissions.

Recreation/Open Space refers to that area intended for low intensity park, recreation or community development and/or to be preserved in its natural state.

Institutional refers to existing and future community facilities such as municipal buildings, schools, community and/or heath services.

Iron Horse Mixed Use refers to the area around that portion of the Iron Horse Trail located in Town, adjacent to the Downtown. This area has been identified as a special area within the community where mixed use, commercial and residential developments with special design standards will be encouraged.