CN Museum Smoky Lake, Alberta

Smoky Lake CN Museum As you stand on the wooden platform of the CN Station, you can imagine yourself back in 1919 when the building was new and the town was a buzz – you can almost hear the whistle of that first train. Walking through the wooden front door you are greeted by a pot-bellied stove which warmed many awaiting passengers during a chilly winter’s day. To the left, the ticketmaster’s wicket awaits you. Long ago a return ticket to Edmonton cost $1.95. Take a peek at a telegraph, log book, or the baggage room with its assortment of baggage on the trolley just waiting to be loaded onto the train by the baggage handler. View the partial historical Gavinchuk photo collection that is displayed in the baggage room of the CN Station. The CNR Station is home to our Tourist Booth which is an ideal place to visit and acquire brochures for information on Smoky Lake and the surrounding area.

Open during the summer only
The CN Museum West Railway Drive & Wheatland Avenue by Pumpkin Flag Park Hours Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Open May long weekend and closes September long weekend. No admission charge.

Donations are greatly appreciated.
For more information call: (780) 656-3677.

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West Railway Drive & Wheatland Avenue by Pumpkin Flag Park Smoky Lake, Alberta Canada

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