Evelynne is one of three new members to our Council, and she is very passionate about community-building and volunteering. Evelynne grew up in Coldstream, a hamlet in southwestern Ontario, surrounded by dairy, poultry, and fields of corn. After moving to Kingston, ON for school, Evelynne crossed the country to the west coast, living in Whistler and Vancouver, BC for ten years. During this time, she took a year off for a solo backpacking trip across Southeast Asia before returning to Ontario to live in London. She has worked for an international corporation, an international non-profit, and five different universities. Evelynne is currently working on obtaining her Municipal Elected Leaders Certificate (MELC) while managing the small business she co-owns with her husband, Smoky Lake Mechanical – Your Community Plumber. Her great confidence in the Town of Smoky Lake’s potential explains why she ran for Council after living here for only two years.

Board and Committee Membership:
  • Regional Fire Services
  • Highway 28/63 Water Service Commission
  • Community Futures – St. Paul and Smoky Lake
  • Regional Community Development Committee (RCDC)
  • Evergreen Waste Management Commission
  • N.E. Muni Corp. Ltd.
  • Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee (ICC)
  • Alberta’s Lakeland Tourism Marketing Association
  • Composite Assessment Review Board
  • Local Assessment Board
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Smoky Lake Mineral Rights Development Company
  • Alberta Gas Federation
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