Dear Resident:
The Town of Smoky Lake is now in the Pre-Launch phase of our municipal broadband Internet service. As of this notice, the tower has been completely outfitted, testing has been partially completed and we are awaiting final steps before we go live. As we get closer to the live date we are looking for early adopters to connect to the system. Ideally, you would be able to run some basic tests and provide feedback to us as needed. You could be a business in need of better service or a resident with some tech-savvy or anyone in between. Businesses can create a second connection or avoid downtime and residential clients can switch over from another Internet provider or have the second service.

Initial testing will provide limited speeds and once we go live, early adopters will get their first month of full service would be free. We expect to be live and providing full service no later than August 1, 2020

Click on the below link:

Link to information sheet

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