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Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings Scheduled for November 2021-October 2022: The Regular Town Council Meetings will be held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers in Smoky Lake and virtually at https://www.gotomeet.me/SmokyLake


 SOCIAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT RESIDENT HOUSEHOLD SURVEY  The Town of Smoky Lake is conducting an Assessment to better understand the social needs of residents in the Smoky Lake area including the County and Villages. Please have an adult in the household answer the questionnaire by considering the needs of all members of your household; it should […]

A great place to retire

The town of Smoky Lake is a great place to retire Why not sell that city home and move to small-town Alberta. The town of Smoky Lake may be a good choice. With some home prices almost half the price of city homes, some are selling their city home, buying a nicer Smoky Lake home […]

Smoky Lake Camping

Please check with the operators if you have any questions. Smoky Lake homes are almost half the price of city homes.Have a look at our homes for sale If you forgot that last-minute item or you are running low on supplies we can help.Link to our business directory Alberta Fire Bans Please Note:If you have […]

Mons Lake Camping

Mons Lake Mons Lake is a small sandy bottom clear water lake, just over a one hour drive east of Edmonton. It offers a sandy beach bordered by lawn, two playgrounds and some of the best Perch and Northern Pike fishing in the area. With paved roads all the way, many enjoy the overnight camping […]

Things to do

Things to do and places to go when you come to Smoky Lake Your trip to Smoky Lake can offer many things to do and places to go. Campers can choose between more then seven campsites within a one half hour drive of the town or just camp at the Golf Corse or in the […]

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