The town of Smoky Lake is a great place to retire

Why not sell that city home and move to small-town Alberta. The town of Smoky Lake may be a good choice. With some home prices almost half the price of city homes, some are selling their city home, buying a nicer Smoky Lake home and having money in the bank.

With just over an hours drive to the city, there is rarely a need to go there. The town has everything a senior might need including a 15-bed hospital. With a 9 hole golf corse and the fact that you are fifteen minutes away from some of the best fishing hunting and outdoor activities in Alberta, many are considering Smoky Lake for their retirement options. The grandkids love it when they can come for a visit and spend the day at the beach. Family love to have a place to stay when they are coming to the rodeo or annual pumpkin fair. Perhaps even a weekend of camping.

Smoky Lake has a large seniors centre with a very active group always welcoming newcomers.
With organized events throughout the year, there is always something to do.

Retirement does not need to be a stack of jigsaw puzzles and watching TV.
Why not sell that city home and have money in the bank.

Link to Smoky Lake Homes For Sale

Ed Boothman

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