Address Signage

Address Signage Bylaw

Advertising Bylaw

Advertising Bylaw

Animal Control

Animal Control Bylaw


Assessment Review Boards Bylaw
Assessment Complaints Designated Officer Bylaw


Appointment of Assessor


ATCO Electric


Operating Expenditure Borrowing Bylaw
Short Term Capital Property Borrowing
Borrowing Bylaw 010-19

Bylaw Officer

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw

Chief Administrative Office

Chief Administrative Officer

Code of Conduct for Members of Council

Bylaw 004-18 Code of Conduct

Community Development Officer

Community Development Officer

Corridor Regulation

Regulating Use of the Corridor Owned by Noth East Muni- Corr LTD


Election Deposit

Emergency Management

Regional Emergency Management


Expense Reimbursement for Councilors


Amend FCSS Advisory Board Bylaw
FCSS. Third Reading October 5th 2011

Fees & Charges

Schedule A Bylaw

Fire Protection Services

Joint Operation Agreement
Fire Protection Services.searchable
Amends Fire Services
Fire Department
Providing of 9-1-1 Fire Dispatch Service



Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw

Intermunicipal Development Plan

Land Use

Bylaw 007-18 – Land Use Bylaw
Bylaw 007-19 Amendment Land Use Bylaw

Operating Expenditure Borrowing

Bylaw 008-18 – Operating Expenditure Borrowing


Public Library Board Bylaw

Local Improvements

Local Improvement Phase One
South Side Sewer Local Improvement
Local Improvement Tax

Low Pressure Sewer Line

Low Pressure Sewer Line

Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Development Plan. Part of Bylaw 012-12
Municipal Planning Services Report On; Propsed Town of Smoky Lake Municipal Deelopment Plan. MPS File 11-PR-078.


Noise Bylaw


Procedural Bylaw
Organization. Ammends
Procedural Bylaw Amendment

Regional Community Development Committee

RCDC Joint Agreement
RCDC Terms of Reference

Regional Disaster Services

Regional Disaster Services.

Regional Water Services Commission Authorization

Member of Highway 28.63 Regional Water Services Commision. 

Revoke Out of Dates

To Revoke Out of Date and Inactive Bylaws.


SDAB Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.
To Cancel Part of Subdivision Plan 830CL
Cancel Part of Subdivision
Cancellation of Subdivision
Property Plans
Subdivision Authority


2018 Tax Rate Bylaw
2017 Tax Rate Bylaw
2016 Tax Rate Bylaw
2015 Tax Rate Bylaw
2014 Tax Rate Bylaw
2013 Tax Rate Bylaw
2012 Tax Rate Bylaw
2011 Tax Rate Bylaw
2010 Tax Rate Bylaw 
2009 Tax Rate Bylaw
2008 Tax Rate Bylaw
2007 Tax Rate Bylaw
2006 Tax Rate Bylaw

Traffic Control

Control and Management of Traffic on Highways
Traffic and Parking

Unsightly Premises

Dealing with Dangerous or Unsightly Premises


Utility Bylaw and Schedule
Charging of Penalties, Disconnection of Services on Overdue Utilities or Transfer to Tax Roll.
Charging of Penalties, Disconnection of Services on Overdue Utilities or Transfer to Tax Roll.

Watermain Replacement

Bylaw 001-06 Watermain Replacement

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