Council Committees 2020-2021

Committee Primary Alternate
Alberta Hub Councillor Whitelaw Councillor Morton
Alberta’s Lakeland Tourism Marketing Association Councillor
Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Community Futures Councillor Whitelaw Councillor Morton
Buffalo Lake Working Group Mayor Holowaychuk
CAO, Kozakiewicz
Doctor Recruitment and Retention
Link to: Policy No. G-13
Mayor Holowaychuk Councillor Kotylak Councillor Whitelaw
Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) Councillor Kotylak Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Evergreen Waste Management Commission* Councillor Kotylak Mayor Holowaychuk
Family and Community Support Services Board (FCSS)* Councillor Morton Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Gas Federation Mayor & Council
GO EAST Tourism Councillor Whitelaw
Highway 28/63 Water Service Commission* (2 Seats) Mayor Holowaychuk
Councillor Kotylak
Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee (ICC) *** Councillor Kotylak Mayor Holowaychuk
Councillor Morton
Joint Fire Department Committee Mayor & Council
Joint Municipalities Mayor & Council
Kalyna Country Destination Marketing Association Councillor Whitelaw
Municipal Planning Commission Councillor Morton Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
North-East Muni-Corr Corporation Councillor Whitelaw Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Northern Lights Regional Library Councillor Morton Member at Large: Melody Kaban
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Member at Large:
Kyle Schole
Member at Large:
Jordan Ruegg
Regional Community Development Committee (RCDC)* Mayor Holowaychuk
Councillor Kotylak
Councillor Whitelaw & Member at Large: Marianne Prockiw-Zarusky
 (RCDC) Ukrainian Twinning Working Group Mayor Holowaychuk
Regional Emergency Advisory Councillor Whitelaw Councillor Kotylak
Regional Fire Services Councillor Kotylak
Mayor Holowaychuk
Deputy Mayor Makowichuk
Smoky Lake Agricultural Society * Councillor Morton Councillor Whitelaw
Smoky Lake Foundation *** (1 Seat) Councillor Kotylak Mayor Holowaychuk
Smoky Lake Community Daycare Co-op Councillor Morton
Smoky Lake Mineral Rights Development Company Mayor & Council
Smoky Lake Municipal Library Board Councillor Morton
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Councillor Whitelaw Councillor Kotylak
Voluntary Committees
Alberta Healthy Communities Initiative (“Elevate Wellness” Regional Team) Mayor Holowaychuk Councillor Morton
Algonquin Shooting Club Councillor Kotylak
Flower Power Mayor & Council
Friends of CN Councillor Morton
Smoky Lake Curling Club Councillor Morton
Smoky Lake & District Chamber of Commerce Councillor Whitelaw
Smoky Lake Pumpkin Growers Association Mayor Holowaychuk
Smoky Lake Riding Club Mayor Holowaychuk
Smoky Lake Rural Crime Watch Councillor Morton
Smoky Lake Senior Citizens Club Councillor Kotylak
Smoky Lake Town & Country Golf Club Mayor Holowaychuk Councillor Whitelaw
Smoky Lake Trail Twisters Councillor Kotylak

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