Address Signage

Address Signage Bylaw 010-09

Advertising Bylaw

Advertising Bylaw 003-18

Animal Control

Animal Control Bylaw 001-14


Assessment Review Boards Bylaw 006-10
Assessment Complaints Designated Officer Bylaw 007-10


Appointment of Assessor 004-08


ATCO Electric Bylaw-013-13


Bylaw 024-2020 Borrowing For Solar
Municipal Borrowing Bylaw 024-2020
Operating Expenditure Borrowing Bylaw 003-17

Short Term Capital Property Borrowing Bylaw-005-17
Borrowing Bylaw 010-19

Bylaw Officer

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw 001-13

Chief Administrative Office

Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw 002-16

Code of Conduct for Members of Council

Bylaw 004-18 Code of Conduct Bylaw 004-18

Community Development Officer

Community Development Officer Bylaw-014-08

Corridor Regulation

Regulating Use of the Corridor Owned by Noth East Muni- Corr LTD Bylaw 001-07


Bylaw 025-2020 Temporary Mandatory Mask (With Schedule)Consolidated


Election Deposit Bylaw 004-17

Emergency Management

Regional Emergency Management Bylaw 011-19


Expense Reimbursement for Councilors Bylaw 011-12


Amend FCSS Advisory Board Bylaw 010-15
FCSS. Third Reading October 5th 2011 Bylaw 006-11

Fees & Charges

Bylaw 022-2020 Master Rates Bylaw
Bylaw 013-2020 Amend Master Rates Bylaw 005-2020. Tax penalty exemption. EXPIRES OCT 31, 2020.

Fire Protection Services

Joint Operation Agreement Bylaw 001-18
Fire Protection Services.searchable Bylaw 736-98
Amends Fire Services Bylaw 009-07
Fire Department Bylaw 012-07
Providing of 9-1-1 Fire Dispatch Service Bylaw 015-10


Fireworks Bylaw 005-06

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 002-2020 Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw

Intermunicipal Development Plan

Land Use

Bylaw 023-2020 Development Authority
Bylaw 020-2020 to Amend Land Use Bylaw 007-18. Off-Street Vehicular Parking
Bylaw 019-2020 Public Hearing Procedures for Planning and Development
Bylaw 018-2020 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Bylaw 017-2020 Municipal Planning Commission
Town of Smoky Lake Land Use Bylaw_2020-07-10. 1.6

Operating Expenditure Borrowing

Bylaw 008-18 – Operating Expenditure Borrowing
Bylaw 027-2020 Operating Expenditure Borrowing


Public Library Board Bylaw Bylaw 007-15

Local Improvements

Amendment to Local Improvement Tax Bylaw 009-19
Local Improvement Tax Bylaw 009-19
Local Improvement Phase One Bylaw 005-16
South Side Sewer Local Improvement  Bylaw 009-19
Local Improvement Tax Bylaw 009-19

Low Pressure Sewer Line

Low Pressure Sewer Line Bylaw 009-15

Mandatory Mask and Face Coverings

Bylaw 025-2020 Temporary Mandatory Mask (With Schedule)Consolidated

Municipal Development Plan

Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 012-12
Municipal Development Plan. Part of Bylaw 012-12
Municipal Planning Services Report On; Propsed Town of Smoky Lake Municipal Deelopment Plan. MPS File 11-PR-078.


Noise Bylaw 014-10


Bylaw No. 029-2020 Procedural Bylaw Ammendment
Bylaw 028-2020 Electronic Meetings
Bylaw 014-19 Procedural Bylaw 014-19
Procedural Bylaw 008-17
Organization. Ammends Bylaw 007-11
Procedural Bylaw 009-18 Amendment 

Regional Community Development Committee

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Bylaw 002-2020
RCDC Joint Agreement Bylaw 001-17
RCDC Terms of Reference Bylaw 003-14

Regional Disaster Services

Regional Disaster Services Bylaw 005-07

Regional Water Services Commission Authorization

Member of Highway 28.63 Regional Water Services Commision.Bylaw 005-09 

Revoke Out of Dates

To Revoke Out of Date and Inactive Bylaw 010-06.


SDAB Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.Bylaw for SDAB Subdivision
To Cancel Part of Subdivision Plan 830CL Bylaw 006-13
Cancel Part of Subdivision Bylaw 008-06
Cancellation of Subdivision Bylaw 008-07
Property Plans Bylaw 001-08
Subdivision Authority Bylaw 016-09


2020 Tax Rate Bylaw 007-2020
2019 Tax Rate Bylaw 008-19
2018 Tax Rate Bylaw 002-18
2017 Tax Rate Bylaw 006-17
2016 Tax Rate Bylaw 004-16
2015 Tax Rate Bylaw 006-15
2014 Tax Rate Bylaw 002-14
2013 Tax Rate Bylaw 007-13
2012 Tax Rate Bylaw 004-12
2011 Tax Rate Bylaw 003-11
2010 Tax Rate Bylaw 004-10 
2009 Tax Rate Bylaw 007-09
2008 Tax Rate Bylaw 008-08 
2007 Tax Rate Bylaw 003-07
2006 Tax Rate Bylaw 009-06

Traffic Control

OFF-Higway Vehicles
Control and Management of Traffic on Highways Bylaw 003-10
Traffic and Parking Bylaw 006-07

Unsightly Premises

Dealing with Dangerous or Unsightly Premises Bylaw 002-09


Bylaw 005-19 Utility

Watermain Replacement

Bylaw 001-06 Watermain Replacement

Wireless Internet Services

Bylaw 021-2020 Wireless Internet

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